"I love fantasizing about Snake topping a tied-up Liquid."

"I am so glad that this blog exists. Holy scheiße! I’m glad I’m not the only girl who wants to bang Snake and Otacon :3"

I want Naked Snake’s submission

I keep having this fantasy where Akiba saves me from the water and performs CPR on me. Then he takes me to a closed-off room and we have hot, passionate sex like none other.

I would fuck the entire MGS cast. Even sunny”

"MGS1 literally gave me my first orgasm thanks to Snake in the Briefing videos and this handy menu feature. Thank you for “taking my virginity”, Hideo Kojima. ♥"

"Honestly, after playing MGS4, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Solid Snake has an Oedipus complex. Between killing his dad and his mom being, well, as sexual as she is… Solid Snake’s gotta have some issues"

"I’d like to watch Dave and Hal fucking, or even just have an audio feed full of the former’s deep moans and the latter’s delicious whimpers."

"i want to lick olga’s hairy armpits"

"I’d love to know the feeling of "inner peace" Naked Snake feels when he put the box on

I think Paz is the most attractive woman in any MGS game.

"I can’t be the only one that wouldn’t mind having sex with hideo kojima right? I mean I would love to know what it is like to have sex with a genius. ;)